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Full text of "The Morphology And Evolution Of The Apes And Man"

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EXTERNAL CHARACTERS AND HABITS      103 the varieties are marked bv the differences in the decree
v                                                                                              3
to which the changes have proceeded.
We shall see later that the best method of expressing the evolution of the African Simiidas on a genealogical tree is a Grorilline stem giving off Antliropopithecus high np, and the extinct Chimpanzee-like Ape Palaeopitliecv* low down.
The external characters peculiar to Man are: {I! The nose has a depressed tip; r2* the upper lip has a median vertical groove or philtrum: 18) the lips have red margins, the whole of which are visible; (4'f he has a chin; (5) the neck is long; (6) the distal palmar flexure grooves run obliquely instead of transversely across the palm; (7) the papillary ridges are more numerous and show absolute individual differences ; (8) the foot is arched; (9) the hallux is never at the side of the sole: (10) the thumb is large, and the hand can enclose a sphere.